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June 2019 Vol. 7 No.6

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Aldosh M

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Merit Research Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences (ISSN: 2354-323X) Vol. 7(6) pp. 223-232, June, 2019 

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DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.3252468

Original Research Article

The Diagnostic value of CT Scan Techniques in Evaluation of Intracranial Fluid Collection in Patients with Acute Brain injures


Dr. Mwahib Aldosh


Associate Professor, College of Applied Medical Sciences, Radiological Sciences Department, Najran University, Saudi Arabia

E-mail: mwahibaldosh@yahoo.com
Fax: 0175428887
Phone: 0175428888

Accepted May 16, 2019




The study objective is to evaluate intracranial fluid collection in acute brain injuries patients. This a cross sectional study performed using electronic data base system to determine the outcomes of the study from patients whom following acute brain injury and being examined by CT scan techniques. Inclusion and exclusion criteria were retrieved and findings were reported according to analytic descriptive methodology. 120 patients were diagnosed having intracranial fluid collection and being evaluated by CT scan techniques. Sixty six patients (55%) affected by trauma etiology followed by strokes (26.0) detection. The age group between (21- 30) had the big distribution 55.0%, and regarding gender distribution, the study found that sixty eight male patients were affected more than women (70%). Most patients presented with variable neurological signs and most of them complained from headage (33.3%) whereas significant correlation was shown between degree of the severity and those with severe symptoms while the moderate degree were most commonly affected. Most patients affected with subgelial hemorrhage (22.5%). The study successfully approved that CT scan techniques has highly sensitivity in detecting patients whom had intracranial accumulation fluid due to acute brain injury.

Keyword: Diagnostic value, Acute Brain injuries, Intracranial Fluid collection







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