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December 2019 Vol. 7 No.12

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Hassan I
Gilani SA

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Merit Research Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences (ISSN: 2354-323X) Vol. 7(12) pp. 562-570, December, 2019 

Copyright © 2019 Merit Research Journals
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.3600543

Original Research Article

Motivating Factors for Nursing Students’ Success


Iram Hassan1, Assist. Prof. Muhammad Husain2, Muhammad Afzal3 and Syed Amir Gilani4


1Lahore School of Nursing, The University of Lahore, Lahore, Pakistan
2Lahore School of Nursing, The University of Lahore, Lahore, Pakistan
3Lahore School of Nursing, The University of Lahore, Lahore, Pakistan
4Faculty of Allied Health Science, The University of Lahore, Lahore Pakistan

*Corresponding Author’s E-mail: Iramhassan45@gmail.com

Accepted December 18, 2019




Motivation is described as a process that influences one’s choice and continuity in particular behaviors. Student motivation is described as an act or act of encouragement. State of motivation, a stimulus, or influence, motivation drives something like a need or desire that a person or a student has to act on and the effort to accomplish the outcome. When students encounter a large number of these stimulating experiences and variables on a regular basis, stimuli are enhanced. That is students should ideally be the very source of stimulus in their learning experience in each classroom Students’ motivation to learn is generally categorized as either internal or external. A descriptive cross sectional study design was used for this study (Factors motivating for nursing student). Study included 133 students of Lahore school of nursing in which 74.4% (n=99) participants belong to 18-22 age group, 25.6% (n=34) participants belong to 22-26 age group. The research study concluded motivating factors for nursing students’ success. The main determination of this study was to provide the motivating factors for nursing students ‘success in Lahore school of nursing the University of Lahore. The collected data were analyzed by SPSS version 21. The results showed that the students of Lahore school of nursing have positive awareness regarding motivating factors for success.

Keywords: Motivation, Student, Success.










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