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August 2018 Vol. 6 No.8

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Diya BM
Ebrahim FJ

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Merit Research Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences (ISSN: 2354-323X) Vol. 6(8) pp. 298-302, August, 2018 

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Original Research Article

The effect of Li2SiO3 Nano-fillers addition on some mechanical properties of heat cured polymethyl methacrylate denture base material


Balkees M. Diya1, Intisar J. Ismail2* and Farrah J. Ebrahim3


1Prof.Dr.Applied Science Department, University of Technology, Iraq
2Professor Doctor and Dean of College of Dentistry-Al-Bayan University, Baghdad-IRAQ
3M.Sc.Applied Science Department, University of Technology, Baghdad-IRAQ

*Corresponding Authors’ E-mail: intesaralrawi@yahoo.com

Accepted August 22, 2018




Nano composite materials based on polymers are widely used in restoration materials like dental. Poly methyl methacrylate (PMMA) is one of the most used polymers as dental material. PMMA has disadvantages such as low flexural and impact strength properties. In this study investigation has been done to found the effect of the addition of Nano-lithium silicate on transverse strength, impact strength and hardness of heat cured PMMA. A total of 72 specimens were prepared. 48 specimens of each group were fabricated with dimensions of (65×10×2.5) mm to conduct the transverse strength and hardness tests, while the remaining 24 specimens of each group were fabricated with dimensions of (80×10×4) mm to perform the impact strength test. The results of this study showed that the higher increasing value in the transverse, and impact strength found when added (1.0 % Li2SiO3), while 1.5%Li2SiO3give the highest mean value in hardness test.

Keywords: Heat cured PMMA, Nano- lithium silicate






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