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Table of Content
 October 2018; 6(10)

(ISSN: 2354-323X)

Short Communication


Safety and Efficacy of Modified Radical Neck Dissection in Treatment of Node-Positive Squamous Cell Neck Cases
Ilian Y. Doykov, Ilia P. Yovchev and Dimitar D. Pazardjikliev
Merit Res. J. Med. Med. Sci. 2018 6(10): 345-347013  [Abstract]  [Full Text-PDF] (76 KB)


Case Report


The Management of Badly Decayed Young Permanent Molar – A Conservative Approach
      Dr. Bhari Sharanesha Rajashekhara, Dr. Abdulfatah Alazmah, Dr. Bhari Sharanesha Manjunatha and
      Dr. Deepti Virupakshappa
Merit Res. J. Med. Med. Sci. 2018 6(10): 348-352013  [Abstract]  [Full Text-PDF] (255 KB)




Risk Factors for Cervical HPV Infection
      Ioannis Thanasas, Giagkos Lavranos, Penelopi Gogou, Konstantinos Tsioutis and Dimitrios Paraskevis
Merit Res. J. Med. Med. Sci. 2018 6(10): 353-358013  [Abstract]  [Full Text-PDF] (126 KB)


Original Research Articles


Indeterminate HCV ELISA and RIBA results versus HCV RNA; A comparative study in premarital couples in Makkah, Saudi Arabia
      Talat A. M. Albukhari, Aiysha Q. Alanazi, Meaad Q. Alanazi, Fahd Alanzi, Abdulmajeed Q. Alanazi, Abdulrahman Q. 
      Alanazi, Dalal AlShaya, Hayat Alafarai, Adel Alanazi, Abdulaziz S. Alenazi, Yousef A. Khalifa, Hanaa Nafady-Hego,
      Majed M. Almoqati, Muslih A. Alotaibi, Arif Alrawaili5 and Badi Alenazi
Merit Res. J. Med. Med. Sci. 2018 6(10): 358-363013  [Abstract]  [Full Text-PDF] (122 KB)


Factors Affecting Medication Administration Error by Nursing Staff at a Number of Medical Institutes in Riyadh, Cross Sectional Study
      Muteeb Eid Alenezi
Merit Res. J. Med. Med. Sci. 2018 6(10): 364-369013  [Abstract]  [Full Text-PDF] (95 KB)


Rhinological Problems at Agricultural-industrial Area, Rabak City, Sudan
      Mujtaba Alrayah, Aimun A. E. Ahmed, Ibrahim Awad Eljack, Rajab Alzahrani and Majdi S. Altahir
Merit Res. J. Med. Med. Sci. 2018 6(10): 370-378013  [Abstract]  [Full Text-PDF] (257 KB)




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