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Table of Content
 August 2018; 6(8)

(ISSN: 2354-323X)



Quality in Health Services
Ioannis K. Thanasas, Christina Tsiamanta, Styliani Koktzidi and Marianna Charalampous
Merit Res. J. Med. Med. Sci. 2018 6(8): 272-277013  [Abstract]  [Full Text-PDF] (112 KB)


Original Research Articles


Donít Judge Disability with its Visibility: Gender Variation in Frequency of Rheumatoid Arthritis with its Clinical Parameters
Dr. Misbah Vaqar Patoli, Dr. Fasiha Sohail, Dr. Sumera Nawaz, Dr. Muhammad Fahad Zakir, Dr. R. Annum Rahim,
      Dr. Ghania Niazi and Dr. Farzeen Tanwir

Merit Res. J. Med. Med. Sci. 2018 6(8): 278-283013  [Abstract]  [Full Text-PDF] (273 KB)


Immunohistochemical expression of Her-2/neu in surface epithelial carcinoma of the ovary
Gena Abdel Azeem, Marwa Mohamed Abdel Fattah Zaki, Amira Kamal El-Hawary and Ebrahim El-Shawaf
Merit Res. J. Med. Med. Sci. 2018 6(8): 284-290013  [Abstract]  [Full Text-PDF] (669 KB)


The difference in antioxidant vitamins consumption between obese and non-obese individuals
J. Zalaket, L. Hanna-Wakim and J. Matta
Merit Res. J. Med. Med. Sci. 2018 6(8): 291-297013  [Abstract]  [Full Text-PDF] (230 KB)


The effect of Li2SiO3 Nano-fillers addition on some mechanical properties of heat cured polymethyl methacrylate denture base material
Balkees M. Diya, Intisar J. Ismail and Farrah J. Ebrahim
Merit Res. J. Med. Med. Sci. 2018 6(8): 298-302013  [Abstract]  [Full Text-PDF] (196 KB)







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