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January 2020 Vol.8 No.1

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Batool A
Islam R

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Merit Research Journal of Education and Review (ISSN: 2350-2282) Vol. 8(1) pp. 001-005, January, 2020

Copyright © 2020 Merit Research Journals

DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.3620848

Original Research Article

Effects of Using ICT in Professional Development in Pakistan


Alia Batool1, Hina Hussain Kazmi2* and Rafiqul Islam3


1Department of Educational Information Technology East China Normal University, ECNU Shanghai China
2Deputy Project Director at U.S.-Pakistan Center for Advanced Studies in Energy (USPCAS-E) National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST- Islamabad)
3Department of Education, Iqra University Karachi

*Corresponding Author’s E-mail: hinakazmi1@hotmail.com

Accepted December 30, 2019




The amalgamation of ICT in education has recently become one of the priorities of the Department of Education in all the provinces of Pakistan. The policymakers have been started emphasizing the use of ICT for training school managers to develop their professional skills. Hence, this study determines the effects of the use of ICT in professional development programs. The design of this study is quantitative, and nature is experimental with pretest-posttest designs. This study was conducted on public sector educational mangers who attended the professional development program. The Intact group is the adopted sampling technique, which is one of the non-probability sampling procedures. An achievement test is the research instrument that is used as a pretest and posttest. The results of the pretest and posttest are compared by employing paired sample t-test using SPSS. The findings of this study explore the significant positive impact of the use of ICT on managers; motivation for learning, and their skill development.

Keywords: ICT, Professional Development, Intact Group, Skill Development, Motivation For Learning













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