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February 2023 Vol. 11 No.2

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Kolawole EO
Olaonigbagbe IS

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Merit Research Journal of Agricultural Science and Soil Science (ISSN: 2350-2274) Vol. 11(2) pp. 004-015, February, 2023

Copyright © 2023 Author(s) retain the copyright of this article

Original Research Article

Impact of Internal Work Environment on Employees’ Productivity in Golden Penny Rice Limited, Apapa. A Subsidiary of Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc


Ebiere O. Kolawole* and Ibijoke S. Olaonigbagbe


Caleb University Imota Lagos

*Corresponding Author's E-mail: Ebiereolukemi@gmail.com

Received: 23 December 2022  I  Accepted: 10 February 2023  I  Published: 28 February 2023  I  Article ID: MRJASSS22019
Copyright © 2023 Author(s) retain the copyright of this article.
This article is published under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0.




Employees’ performance is imperative for organizational outcomes and success. Many factors influence employee performance and workplace environment factors stand out as the key determinants of performance. This study aimed to examine the impact of internal work environment on employees’ productivity in golden penny rice limited, Apapa. a subsidiary of flour mills of Nigeria plc. The effect of physical workplace factors on employees’ productivity error rate, the effect of psychosocial workplace factors on employees’ productivity output, and analyze the effect of work-life balance factors on employees’ productivity, customers’ satisfaction, or complaints handling. Elton Mayo's Hawthorne Effect Theory and Affective Events Theory were adopted for this work. The research adopted a survey research design. The targeted population comprised the employees of Golden Penny Rice Limited, Apapa. The sample size of the study is 150. The study found that the empirical examination of the hypotheses developed from the conceptual framework presented in this study reveals a mixed set of results. The study recommended that Employee performance should be given serious attention by the firms. Since the work environment is at the core of influencing employees’ performance, these organizations should work hard at availing every needed resource in making sure that the work environment supports their employee performance. In addition, incentives play fundamental roles in employees’ commitment. Therefore, management should be consistent in giving incentives to workers that desire them on merit grounds. The nature of compensation should be commensurate with what had been delivered by the employee respectively.

Keywords: Employee, Performance, Productivity, Organization, Work-Place 



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