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June 2018 Vol. 6 No.6

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Kheir AMS
Elnashar AF

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Merit Research Journal of Agricultural Science and Soil Science (ISSN: 2350-2274) Vol. 6(6) pp. 083-097, June, 2018

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Original Research Article

Integrating Remote Sensing, GPS, and GIS to Monitor Land Use Change in the Nile Delta of Egypt


Ahmed M. S. Kheir1*, Medhat1 G. Z., Ahmed A. El Baroudy2 Shams El-Din1 H.A., Rashed H. Sahar1 and Abdelrazek F. Elnashar3


1Soil, Water and Environment Research Institute, ARC, 9 Cairo University Street, Giza, Egypt.
2Soil and Water Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Tanta University, Egypt.
3Institute of African Research and Studies, Cairo University, P. O. Box 12613, Giza, Egypt.

*Corresponding Author’s E-mail: drahmedkheir2015@gmail.com

Accepted June 11, 2018




Urbanization-associated land use changes lead to modifications of agricultural land including crop area estimation. The goal of the paper is to improve the estimation of main crop areas using high resolution satellite images, image classification, and dynamic GPS to produce land use map of year 2013, and to detect the changes of land use between 1991, 2007 and 2013. In this study, a suitable methodology is developed for estimating crop area and land use by integrating remote sensing with GIS. RapidEye is used in the agricultural field to provide up to date crop information for better production management and monitoring the agricultural areas. Different observation points cover Meet Yazeed command area were collected in the field using dynamic GPS, these points present as the sampling area of cultivated crops and other features in the study area. Three land use maps dated in 1991, 2007 and 2013 were used to monitor the changes in land use classes in the command area. The results indicated that the loss of agricultural areas increased from old date (1991) to the modern date (2013) due to increasing the urban areas.

Keywords: Urbanization, Classification, Processing, RapidEye







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