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September 2019 Vol. 6 No.1

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Zabihzade M
Raeisi L

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Merit Research Journal of Art, Social Science and Humanities (ISSN: 2350-2258) Vol. 6(1) pp. 001-007, September 2019

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The study of the progression of soft law human rights to hard-law human rights and statutory law


Mohamadreza Zabihzade1*, Masoud Raei2 and Leila Raeisi3


1Phd Student, Azad University of Najafabad
2Assistant professor, Azad University of Najafabad
3Assistant professor, University of Khorasegan

*Corresponding Author’s E-mail: mahmoodzabihzade90@gmail.com

Accepted July 19, 2019




Despite the significant advances made so far in the area of human rights, there are still some very serious challenges to some of the issues and examples of these rights, both in the first and second generations and in the third generation, most of which are these problems. Third generation is seen. Because in the first and second generation of human rights, the principle of the right is definitive, but there is a debate about the scope of the right and the way in which the right applies. But in the third generation of human rights, there are ambiguities in how they are applied, due to these ambiguities, the existence of these rules in the context of soft law and soft law, for this reason, these human rights instruments are the means to be implemented and It does not require states that violate it to comply. This paper examines the methods and tools that have already been developed to legitimize and enforce human rights law.

Keywords: Human rights; soft law; the right to development; the right to protection; humanitarian assistance



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