Medicine and Medical Sciences

This study investigates the renal function indices, specifically urea concentration, creatinine concentration, and the urea to creatinine ratio, among male medical doctors in Aba, Abia State, Nigeria. The largest proportion of the participants exhibited urea levels within the range of 3.0-3.9 mg/dL (45.76%) and creatinine concentrations between 90-99 Umol/L (22.03%). Most participants also demonstrated a urea:creatinine ratio within the 0.030-0.039 range (35.59%). Findings indicate that the majority of the study participants displayed renal function indices within acceptable parameters. However, several exhibited urea and creatinine concentrations, as well as urea:creatinine ratio, that fell outside the optimal ranges, necessitating further investigations into potential factors such as work stress, dietary habits, and other lifestyle attributes. This study contributes to the body of knowledge on the health metrics of medical professionals and may have implications for their self-care and the healthcare industry's employee wellbeing initiatives. Future research could focus on identifying any correlations between these indices and other health or lifestyle variables or extend the investigation to other geographical regions and demographic groups within the healthcare sector.

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