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Milbemycin oxime is a macrocyclic lactone (ML), chemically similar to avermectin. Discovered, a decade later, by Japanese researchers from the Kitasato Institute, milbemycin is characterized by small structural differences from avermectins, which are given by the lack of substitution at the level of the C-13 group of the macrolide ring, for the avermectin molecule being specific the substitution of the bis-oleandroxyl group (saccharide). The purpose of this bibliographic study is to synthesize and review a set of research focused on the veterinary impact of macrocyclic lactones, updating the use of Milbemycin oximine in the therapy of canine helminthiasis. In carrying out the study, extensive documentation was carried out based on the analysis of current research accessed on the Pubmed/Medline and Google Scholar sites, using as search terms "macrocyclic lactones, milbemycin oxime, avermectins, helminthiasis, and dogs". The synthesis of the analyzed information revealed that the milbemycin molecule presents certain superior pharma-cotherapeutic characteristics to macrocyclic lactones in general, the discovery of this active molecule contributes to the achievement of important progress in agro-biological research and practice, as well as in ensuring the well-being of animals. Thus, it is now well known that the MLs pharmacological group includes the avermectin and milbemycin subfamilies and that among them milbemycin oxime is particularly active, which also inhibits the growth of mycobacteria. The acaricidal activity of milbemycin can also be mentioned, and it has been confirmed as one of the most important effects of this active substance.

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