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March 2018 Vol. 6 No.3

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Karaarslan N
Ates O

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Merit Research Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences (ISSN: 2354-323X) Vol. 6(3) pp. 100-110, March, 2018 

Copyright © 2018 Merit Research Journals

Original Research Article

Which pharmacological agents may be used to establish healthy, proliferating human primer nucleus pulposus / annulus fibrosus cell cultures? Systematic evaluation of our experience in the light of literature


Numan KARAARSLAN1*, Ibrahim YILMAZ2, Feride Sinem AKGUN3, Tezcan CALISKAN1, Abdullah Talha SIMSEK4, Necati KAPLAN5, Yasin EMRE KAYA6, Duygu YASAR SIRIN7,  Hanefi OZBEK8 and Ozkan ATES9


1Assist. Prof. M.D., Namik Kemal University School of Medicine, Department of Neurosurgery, 59100, Tekirdag, Turkey.
2Medical Pharmacologist, Pharmacist, Istanbul Medipol University School of Medicine, Department of Medical Pharmacology, 34810, Istanbul, Turkey.
3Assist. Prof. M.D., Istanbul Maltepe University School of Medicine, Department of Emergency Medicine, 34857, Istanbul, Turkey.
4Sepecialist M.D., Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Health, State Hospital, Department of Neurosurgery, 36200, Kars, Turkey.
5Assist. Prof. M.D.; Istanbul Rumeli University, Corlu Reyap Hospital, Department of Neurosurgery, 59680, Tekirdag, Turkey.
6Assist. Prof. M.D., Abant Izzet Baysal Univesity School of Medicine, Department of Orthopaedic and Traumatology, 13100, Bolu, Turkey.
7Assist. Prof. Ph.D., Namik Kemal University Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, 59100, Tekirdag, Turkey.
8Prof. M.D., Ph.D., Istanbul Medipol University School of Medicine, Department of Medical Pharmacology, 34810, Istanbul, Turkey.
9Prof. M.D., Istanbul Esenyurt University, Esencan Hospital, Department of Neurosurgery, 34510, Istanbul, Turkey.

*Corresponding Author’s É-mail: numikara@yahoo.com
Phone: 282- 2507140
Fax number: 282-2509950

Accepted March 19, 2018




Intervertebral disc tissue is damaged and loses its normal physiological functions due to age-related degeneration, vigorous physical activity and trauma in all age groups and at any stage of life. Here we aim to present how to prepare human primary cell cultures effectively from intact intervertebral disc tissues obtained from the patients undergoing operations for spinal trauma and, from degenerated disc tissues obtained from patients with a lumbar herniated. In addition, it is aimed to explain bio/pharmaco-molecular methods used in their analyses at a molecular level in line with the current literature. Articles included in Pubmed between June 1988 and January 31, 2018, were searched with the key words “nucleus pulposus cell proliferation” and/or “annulus fibrosus” without language restriction. Data of descriptive statistics were analyzed using mean ± standard deviation or frequency (%) and demonstrated using Microsoft Office 2010 and Excel. In addition, it was explained how to obtain human primary cell culture from the tissues taken from two different localizations of the single intervertebral disc. A total of 419 articles were found to be potentially relevant, as a result of first search. In this literature review, cell cultures, which could possibly be the main focus of cell therapies in the field of neurosurgery in the near future, as well as current data were discussed from a molecular point of view.

Keywords: Annulus fibrosus, Acridine orange, Propidium iodide staining, differentiation, nucleus pulposus, primary cell culture technique, proliferation.






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