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February 2018 Vol.6 No.2

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Itani MM

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Merit Research Journal of Education and Review (ISSN: 2350-2282) Vol. 6(2) pp. 036-042, February, 2018

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Original Research Article

The Usage of Digital Technology in EFL Classrooms: A Study with Lebanese High School EFL Teachers


Meyassar M. Itani


University Lecturer, Lebanese International University (LIU)

E-mail: Meyassar.IG@hotmail.com

Accepted February 23, 2018




This particular study documents the availability of digital technology in the Lebanese English Foreign Language (EFL) secondary classes. Even further, this study attempts to investigate the reasons of not utilizing digital technology to develop students’ proficiency level, and why some teachers are not using digital devices in their classroom. To this end, a teacher survey was given to 35 EFL student-teachers completing their Teaching Diploma (TD) in the Faculty of Pedagogy at the Lebanese University, the only public university in Lebanon. The analysis of the quantitative data indicated that secondary EFL student-teachers are not provided with a variety of digital technologies; they are using traditional digital devices in a simple manner; and they are facing some obstacles that are preventing them from using digital technologies at the satisfactory level. Thus, it is recommended to create a practical and professional program for using technology as a cornerstone in all disciplines and domains of secondary education and other cycles.

Keyword: Technology, digital devices, professional development, secondary cycles, student-teachers












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