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September 2017 Vol.5 No.9

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Alenezi A

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Merit Research Journal of Education and Review (ISSN: 2350-2282) Vol. 5(9) pp. 092-099, September, 2017

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Original Research Article

Effectiveness of Educational Technology Applications for Enhancing Mathematics Learning in Saudi Secondary Schools


Abdullah Alenezi


Northern Borders University, 7276 Old Airport, Arar 73312- 5079, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Email: bdullah.a.alenezi@nbu.edu.sa
Phone number: 00966598945603
Fax number: Not applicable

Accepted September 04, 2017




This paper examined the effectiveness of educational technology applications for enhancing mathematics learning in Saudi secondary schools. It was guided by the following research questions. Firstly, does the use of the educational technology applications improve mathematics learning in secondary schools? Secondly, what is the role of the educational technology applications in learners’ understanding? Thirdly, what measures has the government of Saudi Arabia applied to support the effective use of educational technology applications in mathematics learning in the secondary schools? Finally, what steps should the government of Saudi Arabia take to improve the use of educational technology applications for learning mathematics in secondary schools? Both qualitative and quantitative approaches were used to examine the effectiveness of educational technology applications in 15 secondary schools in the Northern Borders region of Saudi Arabia. Questionnaires, interviews, and observations of the mathematics learning process were used as data. The research concluded that the applications improve learners’ understanding of mathematics. Educational technology applications helped in the computation of mathematical problems, triggered students’ problem-solving skills, and prepared them to handle and address various challenges in society. Moreover, I provide policy suggestions for the Saudi government to improve efficiency in implementing these technologies.

Keywords: Educational technology applications, learning, secondary school education, Saudi Arabia, mathematics education









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