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October 2017 Vol.5 No.10

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Fakhar A

Attaran M

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Merit Research Journal of Education and Review (ISSN: 2350-2282) Vol. 5(10) pp. 111-115, October, 2017

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Original Research Article

Evaluate the Educational and social psychology about the competencies of prospective teachers


1Alireza Fakhar and 2Mahbobeh Attaran


1Department of Executive Management, College of Management, Germi Branch, Islamic Azad University, Germi, Iran
2MSc of Industrial engineering, Employee of Qazvin Education and training

*Corresponding Author’s E-mail: avoodgharakhany@yahoo.com

Accepted October 21, 2017




The study was designed to evaluate the opinions about the competencies of prospective teachers in the field of psychology in the training institutions of Tehran (Iran). The sample included randomly selected ten heads of teacher training institutions and hundred teacher trainers from universities and teacher training institutions. A questionnaire was developed for collection of data. Data were collected, analyzed and interpreted using the five-point Likert scale. It was concluded that majority of respondence agreed that prospective teachers will not improve the attitudes of students, not understand about the developmental stages of a child from childhood to adolescence and not formulate instructional objectives in behavioral form and weak in dealing the students in psychological way perhaps it is due to lack of training or may be some deficiencies in the course of child psychology.

Keywords: Education, Social psychology, Teacher education programs, Prospective teachers











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