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March 2017 Vol.5 No.3

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HIlliard AT
Kargbo H

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Merit Research Journal of Education and Review (ISSN: 2350-2282) Vol. 5(3) pp. 016-034, March, 2017

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Original Research Article

Value Added: Promoting Women in Key Leadership Positions Globally


*1Dr. Ann Toler Hilliard, 1Dr. J. Winona Taylor and 2Dr. Harriett F. Kargbo,


1Bowie State University – U.S.A.
2Coppin State University – U.S.A.

*Corresponding Author’s E-mail: draph1@juno.com

Accepted March 06, 2017




In order to promote women in higher level leadership positions, it is important for companies and organizational managers and supervisors to be sensitive to the needs of women and other employees. Companies must make a purposeful effort to recruit, train¸ mentor, sponsor, support and trust women in key leadership positions. If companies are committed to helping women to advance to key leadership positions, companies need to craft their agendas to include gender diversity as a number one priority in their company’s strategic plan. When women are underrepresented in key leadership roles in companies, it is the responsibility of company CEOs and other top managers to endorse more women to join companies as a major focus through their recruitment efforts. If companies are transparent in their efforts to promote women to key leadership positions, companies need to create and maintain a culture that clearly communicates that women are on board and “women matter” and be able to show how women are able to contribute in a productive manner to the growth of their companies. The attitude of companies’ organizational leaders and decision-makers in the public and private sector should be able to echo “may the best persons lead.” Many studies have shown when women are in key leadership positions, the “bottom line” of companies improve economically; therefore, it is a value-added practice to have more women in key leadership positions. Unfortunately, it is a reality that women continue to encounter barriers when it comes to gaining access to key leadership positions in the public and private sector. However, at this time, there is a need to move the conversation to another level regarding “what can be done for women” and “what women can do for themselves” to help them to gain access to key leadership positions. Therefore, this study places mayor emphasis on citing ways how to promote women in leadership positions, why women are needed in key leadership positions, education preparation of women, the advantage and benefits of women in leadership, public opinion about women in leadership and citing data on women in key leadership positions in global communities.

Keywords: Key Leadership Positions, Offer Mentorships and Sponsorships, Recruit and Promote









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