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March 2017 Vol.5 No.3

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Emodi EE

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Merit Research Journal of Education and Review (ISSN: 2350-2282) Vol. 5(3) pp. 035-045, March, 2017

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Environmental degradations, strategies and effective management practices in Enugu, Nigeria


Emodi Edmund Emeka


National Open University of Nigeria

Email: emekaemodi645@yahoo.com
Tel: 080684477323

Accepted March 27, 2017




Environmental degradation which results in the deterioration of both urban and rural environmental quality is a major problem in Nigeria. However, the situation in urban setting is attaining alarming proportion because rapid urban population growth among other factors shave compounded urban environmental management. The conditions in Enugu are not different. This paper therefore reviewed the major environmental problems plaguing Enugu metropolis. They include solid waste management, the menace of deforestation, and development of slums as well as water and air pollutions in the area. The areas predominantly affected by each of the problems were highlighted. The consequent depletion in the environmental quality in the metropolis brought about health hazards as a result of indiscriminate dumping of wastes, contamination of both surface and ground water which adversely impacts on the domestic usage in the area, depletion of trees which reduce the stress produced by heat island and decrease the noise levels of the metropolis. Recommendations were made towards effective management practices, among which are; integration of development planning and environmental management of all levels of political and economic decision making to ensure sustainable environment, reforestation to compensate for ever harvesting, promotion of awareness and education on waste prevention, reduction, recycling, re-use and separation at source to reduce the volume of solid waste generated at all levels.

Key words: Environment, Degradation, Effective, Management, Enugu









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