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December 2016 Vol.4 No.12

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Seimu SML

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Merit Research Journal of Education and Review (ISSN: 2350-2282) Vol. 4(12) pp. 175-181, December, 2016

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Original Research Article

Implementation of the Primary Education Development Programme in Tanzania, 2002 - 2006: Experiences from some Rural Schools in Dodoma and Singida Regions


Dr. Somo M. L. Seimu


Lecturer - Moshi Cooperative University. P. O. Box 474, Sokoine Road, Moshi – Tanzania

E-mail: seimu_liheta@yahoo.ca

Accepted December 02, 2016




This study is an attempt to assess the implementation of the first phase of the Primary Education Development Programme (PEDP) in Tanzania with a focus being the status of the factors that contribute to teaching – learning achievement. Data for the study were collected from 15 primary schools in Bahi and Iramba District Councils. Both Bahi and Iramba District Councils have managed to increase pupil enrollment, which has met some challenges overcrowded classrooms, furniture shortage, unsuitable pupil - teacher ratio and overstretched sanitation services. Furthermore, it was noted that there is an unrealistic deployment of teachers, as well as an acute shortage of female teachers. Such shortfalls impend success of teaching – learning, minimum levels of learning competencies hence, posing a threat to the achievement of PEDP objectives, poverty deduction and MGDs goals.

Keywords: EFA, MGDs, PEDP, Pupils, Basic/Primary School, Bahi, Iramba, World Vision, Tanzania, Dodoma, Singida








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