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December 2016 Vol. 4 No.5

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Javadin SRS
Pour JF

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Merit Research Journal of Business and Management Vol. 4(5) pp. 042-054, December, 2016

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Original Research Article

Development of Employer Branding Model in Iranian Public Universities


Seyed Reza Seyed Javadin1, Tahmores Hasangholi Pour Yasori1, Abbasali Rastegar2 and Javad Faghihi Pour3*


1Professor of Tehran University Faculty of Management)
2Associate Professor, Faculty of Economics, Management and Administrative Sciences, University of Semnan
3PhD Candidate of Tehran University in Human Resource Management

*Corresponding Authorís E-mail: Ja.faghihi@gmail.com

Accepted December 04, 2016




Today, employer branding is considered as the most important business strategy at international level. The role of this process is transforming an organization identity as an employer. In this study, researchers tried to address attracting and preserving university professors quantitatively and qualitatively through development of employer branding model within the domain of public universities. The methodology of the study was mixed (combined) method and based on Morse combined research method typology (analogue sequential mixed method design). In order to develop employer branding model, both quantitative (analysis of quantitative content) and qualitative (Delphi method or interviews with experts or specialists) approaches were utilized. Furthermore, in order to collect the data for the quantitative content analysis part, library method which is based on books and articles was used and the data for the qualitative Delphi method were collected through conducting interviews by experts and commentators. Considering data analysis in quantitative content analysis of related literature to employer branding context, theoretical model of research included five variables as compensations and benefits, environment and work condition, work-life balance, organizational culture and organizationís reputation was presented. Moreover, data analysis in Delphi method part indicated that two variables of work environment and conditions have the most importance and compensations and benefits have the least importance among university professors. Finally, conceptual model of research or developed employer branding model was presented in Iranís public sector universities.

Keywords: Attracting and retention professors, Employer Branding, Public Universities





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